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Get the carpet flooring you deserve

A good carpet flooring is much easier to find when you have the pertinent information. Learning about the various fiber types, piles, cuts, and added extras can help you determine which product is right for your home and your lifestyle. So, we’d like to help equip you.

Never before have there been so many benefits included in this one of a kind soft surface floor covering. You’ll likely find the answers to all your concerns by merely browsing our inventory and asking questions about anything you might not already know about.

Carpet flooring could be just what you need

If you love the idea of a soft surface floor covering, carpet flooring could be the perfect material for you and your home. It provides a welcoming surface in spaces such as living rooms and entryways, while also providing lush comfort in more private areas such as studies and bedrooms. It’s especially useful in children’s rooms, where floor time can become a warm and comfortable experience.

These floors are known for their heat retention, as they serve as another layer of insulation. You’ll find your home warmer and your energy bills lower for a flooring experience that pays for itself over time. Noise reduction is a part of this benefit package as well and works particularly well between floors. If you have pets, children, or lots of in-house traffic, this will be a welcomed benefit.
Luxury carpet in McLean, VA from BiBi Floors and Kitchens

Here, we offer excellent carpet flooring

For those with concerns about dinginess, aging, and stains, we can offer many brands that have spectacular stain resistance built right into the fibers of the product. This means spills and messes cannot soak into the fibers, thus alleviating the chance for permanent stains. It also makes your flooring much easier to clean when that time comes, for even more peace of mind through the years.

With a showroom in Falls Church, VA, BiBi Floors and Kitchens offers superior materials and services so that our customers will get the very best possible flooring experience. Browse our beautiful line of floor coverings to find the one that best matches your specific requirements, and we’ll make sure to provide services that match.

We’re proud to serve the residents of Mclean, Arlington, Falls Church, Vienna, and Reston, VA, and we look forward to serving you as well. With a dedication to customer satisfaction and a job well done, we invite you to visit us at your earliest convenience.